Follow the instruction below to connect BigCommerce to Zoho Books in Skylio - CRM connector.

Select Zoho Books in the Apps section on the CRM page.

We need Zoho books authToken and organization id to connect with Zoho Books.

Click here to go to the Zoho books login page and generate the auth token.

 (This instruction also available in the help screen on the CRM page).

You will see the below login page of Zoho Books

After successful login to Zoho books, the auth token generates page will appear.

You need to click the Generate Authtoken button to generate the token. Then copy and paste on our app.

Click Check Token button to verify the token.  

After successful verification, an organization select option will appear. Choose your Zoho Books organization there and Proceed Next.

Now your BigCommerce store connected with your Zoho Books to sync the real-time data.