A quote will expire in many cases. Below are the cases -

  1. Expiry Date provided - If you define the expiry date on a quote creation. Then Quotilio will expire the quote on the given date.
  2. Expiry Date not provided -If you don't provide the expiry date on a quote creation, still the Quote can be expired by Quotilio. Because BigCommerce ordered Quotilio to expire the quote for any reason. The reason can be - 
    • Quote cart expires:  BigCommerce deletes a cart and notify to Quotilio if the cart becomes inactive for a while or any malicious activity happens to that cart or the quoted customer leaves the cart abandoned many times after clicking the checkout link. Then Quotilio expires the quote.
    • Checkout link expires: BigCommerce deletes the checkout link and the cart,  if the cart becomes inactive for a long time (usually 10-15 days) or the requested customer deletes the quoted cart.