Skylio - CRM Connector support Standard field mapping and also Custom field mapping.

If you have custom fields available in Salesforce and you want to transfer the Shopify data to these fields then please set the mapping inside our App Dashboard.

Below fields are standard fields and will map the data using the standard rules.

Below tables ensure which Shopify data will map to which Salesforce fields.

Shopify Fields (CUSTOMERS)

SalesForce  (ACCOUNTS)
Customer Company Name /  Customer NameAccount Name
Customer Contact NoPhone
Customer Billing AddressBilling Address
Customer NoAccount Number
Order Shipping AddressShipping Address

Shopify Fields (CUSTOMERS)
SalesForce (CUSTOMERS)
First NameFirst Name
Last NameLast Name
Contact NoPhone
Primary / Default AddressMailing Address

Shopify Fields (PRODUCTS)
SalesForce ( PRODUCTS)
SKU Product Code
Name (With Variant Title)Product Name
Product Original priceUnit Price

Shopify Fields (ORDER)
Order Number
Order Date
Close Date
Total AmountAmount
Order StatusStatus (Closed Won/Closed Lost)
Order ItemsProduct Line items

Shopify Fields (ORDER)
SalesForce (ORDER)
Order Number
Order Reference Number
Order Number
Billing Address
Billing Address
Shipping AddressShipping Address
Total AmountAmount
Order StatusStatus
Order DateEffective Date
Order ItemsProduct Line Item